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Wishes Fulfilled

DeFilippi Shelter Roof 

Replacement of the roof has been funded by donors at our live auction at the 2017 Annual Dinner.

Pavilion Walkway - January 2017

2017 Welington Gomes, President SJ Pools and Landscaping donated supplies and a two-person crew to repair Tenafly Nature Center’s Brick Pavilion walkway. The pavilion path began to sag over the past several years as the result of a disoriented driver who drove down the path to the pavilion in their motor vehicle. The path is now like new.

Butterfly and Pollinator Garden - Spring 2016

TNC renovated the wildlife garden and rechristen it the Butterfly and Pollinator Garden. Upgrades including irrigation, a new state of the art deer enclosure and plants. The Butterfly and Pollinator Garden is a 45 by 66 foot area next to the Redfield Building (Visitor’s Center). The renovation was made possible through a combination of grants and donations. 

Wish sponsors: 

  • Chang/Yang Family (in memory of their mother Shiu-mei Yang) - Deer enclosure 
  • Suez - installation of a water line to the garden. Installation of a backflow preventer, main line, and three quick couplers for irrigation of the garden.
  • Elaine Silverstein (a horticulturist and naturalist) divisions from her native plants collection.
  • The project is also made possible by our wonderful volunteers including graduates of the Master Gardener Program.