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Over 60 Years of Community Service 

After SChool Enrichment

Our fun interactive after school science enrichment programs introduce kids to concepts in biology, earth sciences, and natural history. Our programs also allow them to meet live animal ambassadors face-to-face. Our themed curriculum covers integrated science topics and reinforces learning through hands-on experiments, projects, movement and stories.

Our TNC to Go after school enrichment programs are a one hour program that runs for 8-15 week sessions (generally once a week) depending on your school's scheduling needs. 

We can design programs to reinforce your curriculum. If a subject of interest to you does not appear below, please contact the Field Trip and TNC to Go Program Manager for more information.

Ask about our remote learning after school options!

After School Enrichment Pricing

The cost for an After School program is $15 per session per student, including all materials and supplies. Each class needs a minimum of 6 students to run, and can have a maximum of 12 students.

A mileage fee will be added to all non-Tenafly towns.

After School Enrichment

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Delve more deeply into animals and their adaptations with the Tenafly Nature Center. Student ecologists will explore animals in depth through investigation of artifacts, playing games and hands on activities. Crafts and stories will enhance the investigations. Visits from Tenafly Nature Center Animal Ambassadors will enrich the learning experience for all.

Meet some amazing animals and learn how they survive in their own habitats. Join us as we explore reptile relatives, amphibian abilities, mighty mammals and more. Sessions will feature an animal found in New Jersey and how each creature’s unique attributes and adaptations set them apart. Through crafts, stories, hands-on activities, artifacts and LIVE animal encounters, students will gain more of an understanding of what can be found in their own backyards.

Explore how the earth’s climate is changing and how to be a hero for our earth. Students will learn more about how to help the earth through engaging hands on activities and games. Animal ambassadors will help reinforce the learning experience

Make amazing discoveries about the world we live in! Create a hypothesis, run through experiments, draw conclusions with the Scientific Method is the basis for this eight-week series, designed to give students a deeper look at basic environmental science. Sessions will feature hands-on experiments to help solidify environmental concepts, from water to weather, gravity to geology; students will gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in..

Experience wonders of nature and science with the Tenafly Nature Center. Students learn about the different cycles, adaptations, and processes that occur throughout our natural world as they are introduced to topics, such as food webs, animal tracks, and metamorphosis. Sessions will feature stories, hands-on activities, games, artifacts and LIVE animal encounters.

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