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Aviary Fundraiser

Tenafly Nature Center is running a special fundraiser to rebuild and expand its aviaries. The 2-bay outdoor structure currently houses three of our permanently injured, non-releasable, animal ambassadors: two barred owls in one section and a red-tailed hawk in the other.

TNC is raising funds to install a new modern aviary with a total of four bays. This expansion will enable TNC to properly house and care for additional permanently injured, non-releasable, raptors for our highly regarded education programs.

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Collected: $38,827.00
Goal: $72,300.00

Why We Need Your Help

Tenafly Nature Center would like to replace and expand the existing aviary structure to support not only our current ambassadors, but also additional birds in need of a home and care. In 2018 over 6000 injured birds were brought into one NJ wildlife rehabilitation center, therefore TNC's ability to take in more animals will support not only animals in need but also rehabilitation centers, who will then be able to provide more space to rescue and house additional non-releasable birds.

Over 16 years ago, the current structure was constructed by volunteers, from wood and chain-link fencing. These aviaries have now reached the end of their lifespan and are breaking down, making them soon to be unsuitable habitat for our raptors (who cannot care for themselves).

All of TNC’s raptor ambassadors are permanently injured (due to human interactions) and non-releasable, such as Ruby our Red-Tailed hawk. 

In the fall of 2006, Ruby was found tangled up in a tree on Long Island close to power lines. They found a string tied to and twisted around her left wing, an injured left eye (the side not shown), and red nail polish on her beak, right body side, legs, and feet.

Ruby was taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center whose staff guessed she had been stolen from the wild as a nestling by a person. The rehabilitation center was able to remove the string and most of the red nail polish but her eye injury was permanent. Ruby's eye injury prevents her from seeing well enough to fly or hunt (little to no depth perception). Since she would not survive life in the wild, TNC volunteered to provide her with a new home and care for the rest of her life.

All permanently injured animals TNC accepts have received care at wildlife rehabilitation centers, where it was determined that they could never survive on their own. Therefore, these amazing animals cannot be released back into the wild, and will live out their lives educating thousands of people every year about their species and encouraging a healthy respect for our natural world in adults and children alike.

What Your Donation Will Do

The new aviaries will be constructed from materials that resist decay and will serve the institution for many decades to come.

The shape and design of the new aviaries will be larger than the minimum housing guidelines for non-releasable Raptors as stated by the Raptors Center at the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine. This will give our raptors the best housing we can for a safe, comfortable, and happy life! 

Where Your Donation Will Go

 Expenses Notes Cost
 Demolition  Volunteers & DPW removal


 Site Preparation
  • Demolition of existing retaining structure
  • Construction of a new wall with proper drainage
  • Infill and rough grade soil
  • Form and pour new concrete base wall (up to 18" deep)
  • Infill structure with crushed stone
  • Clean up
 New Aviary Construction  Includes: fabrication, delivery and installation  $40,300
 Replace Perimeter Safety Fence  Demolition and Construction  $5,000
  TOTAL   $72,300

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