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Summer Nature Day Camp: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the dates and hours of camp?

    • The 2022 camp season is June 27-September 2.
    • Each session runs Monday through Friday. 
    • Full day sessions run from 9:00 am-3:00 pm.
    • Pre-K (4-5 year olds) & Kindergarten half-day sessions run from AM only 9:00 am-12:30 pm or PM only 12:00 pm-3:00 pm. 
  2. What is the dress code?

    • Two face masks 
    • Dress for active outdoor play — shorts, t-shirt, and two pairs of close-toed/hard-soled shoes, including one pair that can get wet. 
    • No flip-flops, Crocs, or any open-toed or soft-soled shoes.
    • On extremely hot summer days, campers may be involved with water activities and games (no swimming). On these day they are welcome to bring in water shorts/shirts. No bathing suits. 
    • Summer Camp Daily Checklist 

  3. Do you serve meals?

    • No, campers must bring a lunch and two snacks daily-one for the morning and one for the afternoon. We have no means of refrigeration or microwave so please pack accordingly. 
  4. What do campers need to bring?

    • Two face masks 
    • Re-fillable water bottles (at least 1 liter capacity) Filled for the start of the camp day.
    • Two snacks and lunch (for full day campers). 
    • A full set of extra clothes, hat, rain jacket, towel, plastic bag for wet/dirty clothing.
    • A second pair of shoes for getting wet (sneakers, rubber boots, or close-toed/hard-soled water sandals).
    • A large bag for everything, and an optional small backpack for trail essentials.

  5. What if it rains?

    • We put our jackets on and keep exploring! Bring rain boots, hat, a poncho or rain jacket — no umbrellas. 
    • A full set of labeled rain gear and/or change of clothes can be left at TNC for the duration of their camp week. Everything must go home in between camp sessions. 
    • In case of severe rain or thunderstorms we will head under cover. 

  6. What are the staff like?

    • Pre-K (4-5 year olds) & Kindergarten camps are staffed at a ratio of 7 campers to 1 adult staff member.

    • 1st-8th grade camps are staffed at a ratio of 9 campers to 1 adult staff member.
    • 1-2 high school Counselors in Training (CIT) assist camp groups.
    • All adult camp staff members are First Aid and CPR certified, and some possess other advanced certifications.
  7. Do you supply insect repellent or sunscreen?

    • No, we do not supply either insect repellent or sunscreen. 
    • We ask that parents apply a liberal amount of sun-block to their children before camp each day and to make sure your camper is dressed for sun protection (i.e. hat with brim). The staff here is more than happy to remind and help campers reapply throughout the day, with a signed authorization form. Please let the staff know if your child is especially sensitive to the sun. No aerosol sprays please.
    • We do not apply insect repellent here at the TNC and instead ask that you spray your camper’s clothing with an appropriate spray before leaving for camp in the morning or have your camper wear a insect repellent bracelet. Parents may want to check with your doctor before doing this. We ask that you don’t spray insect repellent in our parking lot! We are a nature facility and the insects are supposed to live here :)

  8. What about poison ivy and ticks?

    • Because most of our activities are outdoors, we are sensitive to and are aware of tick and poison ivy concerns. We address these issues in a proactive, clear and efficient way through education (of staff, campers and parents) and implementation of risk management procedures.
    • Staff members are trained to teach campers how to identify and avoid natural hazards like ticks and poison ivy. At camp we educate everyone about ticks, minimize off-trail hiking, establish a tick check system for campers and staff, and follow other tick-related safety procedures and practices. Parents are advised to help their camper check clothes and all body areas after each camp day. The evening bath or shower is a good time for this. If you have further questions, contact the Camp Director.

  9. What if my child is sick before or during the camp day?

    • If your child is not feeling well, please keep him/her home and call us to report his or her absence. 
    • If your child becomes ill during the camp day, we will call you; early pick-up may be necessary. 

  10. Signs to note if a child is too ill to attend camp?

    Children will not be admitted to camp if they have a fever of 100.4°F or above or the following symptoms: 

    • Chills or fever
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Headache
    • Fatigue
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Sore throat
    • Congestion or runny nose
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • A rash
    • Red draining eyes
    • Thick yellow or green nasal discharge

    If the sickness is a COVID-19 related symptom, fever of 100.4 F or excessive coughing or difficulty breathing, child must be fever-free for 3 days without fever reducing medicines, and stay home for 7 days since symptom start. If the child has a negative COVID-19 test then they may return after 72 hours of being symptom-free. Parents will be notified to observe your child and to let us know if they display any symptoms. 

    If a non-COVID-19 illness, please stay at home until 24 hours AFTER these symptoms are resolved or a note from your doctor is sent to camp stating that the child may attend. If your child is diagnosed with an infection, it is very important to keep him/her out of camp for at least 24-48 hours AFTER starting antibiotics to prevent the spread of infection. 

  11. Other health reasons a child may not attend camp

    A camper who shows symptoms of any of the following communicable diseases will not be allowed at camp without a note from a doctor or specialist:

    1. Chicken pox
    2. German measles (rubella)
    3. Measles (rubella)
    4. Mumps
    5. Streptococcal infections (including scarlet fever, sore throat, and erysipelas)
    6. Whooping cough (pertussis)
    7. Fifth disease (erythema infectiosum)
    8. Pink eye (conjunctivitis)
    9. Impetigo (staphylococcus infection)
    10. Meningitis-meningococcal
    11. Hepatitis infectious
    12. Head lice (pediculosis)
      A camper who is found to have live head lice will not be permitted to attend camp until there are no active lice in the camper's hair, proof of treatment has been provided to the camp director, and until all live and/or dead head lice are removed from the camper's hair.

      The presence of nits (the eggs of lice) without active head lice will not prohibit a child from attending camp provided proof of treatment has been provided to the camp director and there is no evidence of active head lice in the camper's hair.

  12. What should a parent do if their child is going to be absent?

    • If your child is going to be absent or arriving after 9:30 am for ANY reason, please contact the Nature Center office at (201) 568-6093. 
    • You may leave a message if your call is outside office hours — please try to call before 8:30 am each day your child will be absent.
    • Makeup days are not permitted. 

  13. Do you offer before or after extended care?

    • Aftercare runs from 3:00pm-5:00pm. $25/day or $80/week
    • Advanced notice is required to register for aftercare 
  14. How do you use my email address?

    • TNC will send all camp communication by email, including registration confirmation, field trip details, and parent information.
  15. What are your camper healthcare and medication policies?

    • All Tenafly Nature Center camp personnel are properly certified in First Aid and CPR.
    • Tenafly Nature Center does not stock any medication.
    • It is the policy of Tenafly Nature Center and its personnel not to physically administer any medication to participants. Your child must have the ability to self-administer all medications when necessary.
  16. What is your cancellation/refund policy?

    • A $50 processing fee applies to all refunds. 
    • Membership is a tax-deductible donation with year-round benefits, and is non-refundable.
    • Full tuition refunds will be given for cancellations with 6 weeks notice (minus the $50 processing fee).
    • No refunds or credits will be given with less than 3 weeks notice. 
    • Switching camp weeks is allowed depending on availability and at the discretion of the Camp Director. After June 1, a $20 switching fee will be applied. 
    • In cases of cancellation due to major illness and/or family emergency, refunds will be assessed on case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Director.
    • TNC reserves the right to remove any child without refund due to unacceptable behavior or if children are registered for the incorrect age group/grade level.
    • TNC reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or change programs as needed.

    Failure to submit all CAMPDOCS forms to TNC 7 days before the first day of camp will result in forfeiture of your registration fee.

  17. What is the tax ID?        
      • #22-0019117
  18. Question not answered?
  • Please send an email to the Camp Director to get a response quickly. Additionally, you can call 201-568-6093 and speak with a TNC staff member at their convenience.

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