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Celebrating 60 Years
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Why Donate? 

Help feed and nurture our new friends! A hearty thanks to those who supported our “Help a paralyzed screech owl fly to their forever home” campaign, which enabled us to transport Kenni, our western screech owl to a safe habitat. However, the work does not end there – now we need your support to feed and care for Kenni!

Birds like Kenni are put in harm's way because people are unaware that careless actions – such as littering – have devastating effects on wildlife. The birds we rescue become “ambassadors” of our effort to educate the public on how to prevent human-caused wildlife injury and death, traveling around the Tri-State Area to build awareness of this important issue.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us provide more food, medical care and healthy habitats. Your generosity truly makes a difference in the lives of the animals under our care!

Your gift goes a long way. The impactful support you provide helps to nourish, house, and treat the regal birds we rescue. Examples of what your support can do to make an impact:

Black vulture, Mort - $4 / day - $24 / week
Red-tailed hawk, Ruby - $3.25 / day - $20 / week
Barred owl, Mene, Mitzi & Winakw - $3 / day (x3 for 3 owls) - $18 / week (x3)
Western screech owl, Kenni - $2 / day - $12 / week
Vet visit - typically between $60 - $120 dollars
Cleaning supplies for the year - $500
Learn more about our TNC Animal Ambassadors 

To acknowledge all our supporters during this season of giving, any contributions of $60 or more made now or on Giving Tuesday will receive an exclusive TNC Magnet!

How to Donate

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