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Rules and Regulations

Tenafly Nature Center is governed by a lease agreement with the Borough of Tenafly (the titled owners of the Tenafly Nature Center land).  This lease agreement stipulates that Tenafly Nature Center shall implement and enforce the following Rules and Regulations concerning the use of of the property by visitors to the park:

  • Smoking shall be strictly prohibited in all areas of the park (including vapor from an electronic smoking device);
  • The carrying and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be strictly prohibited, except for events held at Education Center with the express permission of the Nature Center board;
  • No fires shall be permitted in the park, except campfires under the supervision of the Nature Center staff at a campfire ring or in an indoor fireplace;
  • There shall be no littering with candy, gum or other food wrappers or containers in the park. 
  • Photography shall be permitted, but any and all photographic litter must be removed (see policy for professional photograph and filming);
  • No pets, leashed, unleashed or carried, shall be permitted in the park; provided that the foregoing prohibition shall not apply to service animals, which shall be permitted in the park while being employed as such, so long as the service animal is kept on a leash or other suitable restraint;
  • No animals, birds, fish, turtles, or other wildlife are to be released into the park;
  • The park shall be open to the public during the period commencing one hour after sunrise and until one hour prior to sunset, seven (7) days a week;
  • Visitors shall be prohibited from removing specimens of plant life, living or dead, rocks or any other material or artifacts from the park. No animals, birds, fish, turtles, or other wildlife are to be removed from the park;
  • There shall be no camping, picnicking (with the exception of the picnic tables at the pavilion), hunting (per Tenafly Borough Code 3-10), trapping, or fishing in the park;
  • There shall be no tree climbing, swimming, skating, or skateboarding in the park;
  • Persons under the age of eighteen (18) years shall be denied access unless accompanied by a person of the age of eighteen (18) years or older;
  • The use of any motorized vehicles or bicycles (or similar vehicles) on the nature trails or other areas is prohibited, except that Borough and Nature Center vehicles shall be permitted when needed to perform appropriate maintenance work.

Tenafly Nature Center also has its own set of rules which include the following:
  • No person shall purposely or knowingly feed, bait, or in any manner provide access to food to any wild animal or waterfowl. Please see our Q&A on feeding wildlife for more information; 

  • To minimize disturbance to plants & wildlife, stay on trails at all times. Stay out of streams and ponds.

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