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TNC to Go Adult Speakers Bureau

Can't come to the Tenafly Nature Center? Through our TNC to Go Adult Speakers Bureau, we offer a variety of presentations and programs that can be brought to your location and tailored for your particular organization.

All Tenafly Nature Center staff are experienced public speakers and experts in their field. We offer interesting and lively presentations for all group sizes. Appropriate for any adult audience, including meetups, senior groups, special needs facilities, service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions), garden clubs, college classes, professional organizations, homeowners associations and non-profits, we offer something special for your next meeting.

Other opportunities for educators are located on our professional development page

These programs are designed to be taught at your location.

If a subject of interest to you does not appear below, please contact the Education Director for more information on how we can design programs to reinforce your curriculum.

TNC to Go Adult Speakers Bureau Pricing

 60-Minute Individual Class

 (<30 participants)

  60-Minute Assembly

 (>30 participants)

 1st Program (NJ & NY)  $200  $350
 1st Program (NYC boroughs)  $325*  $475*
 Consecutive Programs  $125  $300
  • *Additional fee is included to the First program fee for all New York City boroughs visits to cover NYC permit requirements.
  • A mileage charge of the current IRS rate per mile round trip is added to the program fee if the location is outside of Tenafly.
  • One parking space must be provided near the entrance of your location (if no parking is available at your site then a fee will be added to cover any associated garage fees).
  • Consecutive programs are programs held one right after another, for different classes, in the same school with no more than a 60 minute break between two of the programs.
  • Host organization must provide electrical source and screen

  • If your funds are limited, please consider applying for a scholarship (we strive to make nature accessible to everyone).

TNC to Go Adult Speakers Bureau Programs (All programs are 45-60 minutes):

  1. Apple Cider Making (September-November Only)
    Learn about the differences between vegetables and fruits and use an old-fashioned screw press to make and sample fresh apple cider. In the process, participants learn about the history of the cider making from colonial times to the present. This program is only available if your organization has wheelchair accessible transportation available for our cider press.

  2. Bats of NJ
    Discover the fiction, folklore, and facts about Bats and learn what Bats live in New Jersey. Discover how dogs and bathtubs are more dangerous as we discuss some of the amazing adaptations of bats and how they can make our lives better.

  3. Birding Basics
    Learn about backyard birds and how to recognize them. Discover which birds might visit backyard feeders and which ones stay for the winter. Learn which types of food attracts different species. Take a closer look at our colorful feathered friends and investigate their irresistible lure.

  4. Black Bears
    Although they look cute and cuddly black bears are an animal that demands respect and space. Discover how this large mammal has adapted as people have moved into their neighborhoods and what impacts they have had here in New Jersey.

  5. Creative Camouflage
    Discover how various creatures are shaped or colored to blend into their surroundings. Meet live animals that survive by using this technique and see how well you can spot the un-spottable!

  6. Creatures of the Night
    Do you know if you are nocturnal, diurnal, or crepuscular? Join educators from the Tenafly Nature Center and find out! Through live animal demonstrations, learn about local species that inhabit the dark. From owls to opossums, learn about the amazing adaptations creatures possess to roam the nighttime landscape.

  7. Deer Dilemas
    Deer have long been admired for their beauty and grace, but White-tailed Deer are also despised for devouring gardens and for transporting ticks to our yards. This program will offer ideas on how to deal with deer in the environment we share.

  8. Endangered NJ
    Learn about the major factors that threaten animals with endangerment and extinction worldwide. Through use of artifacts and live animals, participants will learn the status of select native New Jersey fauna. Activities are designed to raise awareness of New Jersey’s over 60 endangered species, and inspire participants to practice how they can help prevent threats to local wildlife.

  9. Frogs Chorus
    Learn how amphibians play and important role in wetland ecosystems as indicators of environmental health and serve as both predator and prey. Discover how to tell the difference between New Jerseys local frogs by listening to their calls and the adaptations that make these animals amazing.

  10. Heavenly Herps
    “Herps” (reptiles and amphibians) are among the most under-appreciated and misunderstood species of the animal world. This program will introduce participants to live snakes, frogs, salamanders and turtles and highlight the characteristics which distinguish between reptiles and amphibians.

  11. Incredible Invertebrates
    Participants meet several live specimens as they learn what makes an insect different from other invertebrates. By observing life stages and adaptations, participants will learn how unique each creature is and why they are important to the environment and people alike.

  12. Maple Sugaring (February-March Only)
    Learn how to identify a maple tree and the history of maple sugaring in North America. Discover how technology has changed the way sap has been gathered over the centuries as we demonstrate both Native American and colonial syrup-making techniques outdoors. We challenge participants to try to distinguish between corn syrup and 100% maple syrup by taste alone.

  13. Oogling Owls
    From the arctic to the tropics and everywhere in between, Owls are everywhere! Through stunning photos, real owl calls, and hands-on owl artifacts, and a visit from a live owl you can discover how these efficient predators thrive in one of the most challenging environments on Earth – your backyard. Learn what Owls call New Jersey home and how you too can find, observe, and enjoy your neighborhood owls.

  14. Rapp’n with Raptors
    Participants will observe several live raptors up close and learn about their behavior, physiology, adaptations, ecological importance and natural history. Hands-on artifacts and demonstrations will capture the imagination of everyone.

  15. Rodent Review
    Squirrels, mice, and moles all have something in common, they are all rodents. Learn what adaptations these creatures share that make them related and what makes them different from other mammal species.

  16. Salamanders of NJ
    Learn how salamanders differ from lizards and what species can be found in New Jersey. Discover why people spend a night every year stopping traffic for these small amphibians and how they in turn help us.

  17. Snakes of NJ
    Participants discover the differences between snakes as they learn about the 21 species of snakes that reside in NJ. An interactive presentation emphasizes the importance of these legless reptiles by identifying and exploring their adaptations. Artifacts and up-close encounters with several live snakes make this a memorable educational experience.

  18. The World Beneath Our Feet
    A hole in the ground is always mysterious as it invites curiosity and wonder. Learn about the creatures that live underground as we shed some light on the mysteries under our feet. Discover what other unseen organisms might share this world and how they affect our lives from below.

  19. Turtles of NJ
    Determine what could and should be done if you find one of these four legged speedsters on the road and learn how slow a turtle really is and what they can do to defend themselves from predation. Discover what species should reside in New Jersey and which can now be found throughout the state. Artifacts and up-close encounters with several live turtles make this a memorable educational experience.
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