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Tenafly Rotary Club & Boy Scouts Invasive Species Project

An invasive species is a living plant or animal that is not native, to a particular area. Invasive species can cause environmental and economic harm to the area they are introduced. An invasive is a non-native species (plant or animal) that adapts to a new area, reproduces quickly, and can cause harm to the native species of the area or the economy.

Here at Tenafly Nature Center there are several invasive plant species, many of which will take years if not decades to completely eradicate. Invasive plant species such as Garlic Mustard, Miles-a-minute weed, and Japanese Stiltgrass, just to name a few, have been, and continue to be a challenge at the Tenafly Nature Center. These non-native plants pose an environmental threat and are very harmful. With the help of volunteers from the Rotary Club of Tenafly and the local Tenafly Boy Scout troops however, we have been able to make a dent in the population growth and spread over time.

As a community service project, The Rotary Club of Tenafly is excited to partner with Tenafly’s Boy Scout Troop 86 and Troop 25 in late-August to early September on a project to help eradicate these invasive plant species.

In addition to participating in the invasive plant species removal, the local Boy Scout Troops are also utilizing this event as a fundraising opportunity with all proceeds going to support the Tenafly Nature Center.

Each troop has a fundraising page (link below), where you can support your favorite troop in their efforts and help the Nature Center keep operating. The Troop that collects the most (by weight) will win a prize from the Rotary Club of Tenafly.

Which Troop Will you support?

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