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Important Notice: SNOW DAY! Due to the inclement weather TNC facilities will be closed on Tuesday, February 13th and all programs will be cancelled. Staff will be monitoring emails from home.
Who Are We?
Tenafly Nature Center is a non-profit, independent, member-supported nature preserve in Bergen County, New Jersey. Since 1961, TNC has nurtured an appreciation for nature and been a leader in open-space preservation and environmental education for our community and beyond.
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Our Mission & Vision

The stewardship of nearly 400 wooded acres for the purposes of conservation, education, recreation, and community engagement.

A community that feels a strong connection to the natural world and actively partners with us to promote the highest level of biodiversity possible for our natural areas.


We steward nearly 400 acres of forest land and wetland in order to protect, improve, restore, and sustain it as wildlife habitat.

We work to preserve and improve the quality of water resources (freshwater biomes) including riparian (streams and rivers) as well as ponds (including small seasonal vernal pools) and wetlands.

We strive to maintain the highest biodiversity possible on our land.

We teach over 26,000 people annually to enjoy and understand the natural world.

We maintain over seven miles of hiking trails for pleasure and exercise. We have many natural areas for birding & wildlife watching, like Pfister’s pond.

For over 60 years TNC has supported our local commuinty and provided opportunities for its members to build a strong connection to the natural world.
Our Social Justice Statement

Tenafly Nature Center creates equitable and inclusive spaces for people to enjoy, experience, and learn about our environment. We endeavor to make our outdoor spaces safe and welcoming to all visitors and we aspire to create experiences that make our programs accessible to all. We welcome people of all races, religions, sexual orientations, gender and gender identity, nationalities and creeds. Our programs and offerings reflect our surrounding diverse community. We recognize that environmental justice must include Black, Indigenous, People of Color and those who are economically disenfranchised. At the Tenafly Nature Center we strive to hold ourselves – the staff, volunteers, and members – to these principles so that our organization is a safe and inviting space for all to experience nature.

Our Upcoming Events
Our Seasonal Programs are the perfect way for individual families and adults to enjoy the seasons with TNC!

Meet The Author - Spike the Spunky Hedgehog

All ages are invited to listen along as author Shabi Najafov reads her book, Spike the Spunky Hedgehog. This heartwarming tale encourages young readers to believe in themselves, try their best, and never let obstacles hold them back. Through his journey, Spike learns the value of perseverance, resilience, and embracing one's own strengths. Read More...

Latest News

As concerns about climate change intensify, many gardeners seek sustainable practices that contribute positively to the environment. Winter sowing, or starting seeds outside ...

The pervasive impact of human-induced climate change extends its reach into various facets of the natural world, casting a shadow on ecosystems and traditional practices alike. For TNC, ...

Tenafly Nature Center is honored to announce the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection and the Garden State Preservation Trust have awarded TNC a prestigious Green Acres ...

What does it take to keep TNC’s preserve healthy? Members and visitors of TNC are familiar with the nearly 400 acres of forest that TNC stewards, but visitors don’t always know ...

We Work With Our Partners
Tenafly Nature Center is thankful for the support of the following partners who are helping to protect and preserve the open space here at TNC through sponsorships, grants, and in kind donations. Please visit their websites by clicking the business logos below and thank them for their partnership with TNC by supporting them.

We teach over 26,000 people annually to enjoy and understand the natural world.

We offer programs for all ages:
  1. Seasonal Programs (Event Calendar)
  2. Trips (Sail the Hudson River)
  3. Forest School
  4. Nature Day Camps
We also offer programs for:
  1. Field Trips (at TNC)
  2. TNC to Go (at your location)
  3. Gifted & Talented
  4. Afterschool Enrichment (at your location)
  5. Teacher Professional Development
  6. Homeschool (at TNC)
  7. Scouts
  8. Birthday Parties

Maintaining over seven miles of hiking trails for exercise and enjoyment, Tenafly Nature Center has so much to offer visitors! Whether it's your first or one of many returns, visitors can spend all day or just a few hours exploring within the many natural areas throughout our preserve.

For over 60 years TNC has supported our local commuinty and provided opportunities for its members to build a strong connection to the natural world.

Participate in one of our seasonal community events:
  1. Nature Day
  2. Trash-a-thon
  3. Haunted Forest
Enjoy one of our passive outdoor exhibits:
  1. Butterfly House (Seasonal)
  2. Bellflower Faerie Trail
  3. Explore-a-bag Backpack
Support this community resource and ensure its future success:
  1. Support our Annual Fundraiser
  2. Become a member
  3. Volunteer

Start your nature-filled journey with TNC today.

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