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Service Projects

Community Service Projects                                                                                                                       

Keep the Tenafly Nature Center in mind for your Eagle Scout Project or Girl Scout Gold Award! Past projects have included removal of alien invasive plants, trail maintenance, removal of overgrown plants in Pfister's Pond, as well as fence/bridge building and repair. Projects have to be planned with and agreed upon by a Tenafly Nature Center staff person. To arrange a meeting about service projects at TNC, please call (201) 568-6093 or contact the Scout Coordinator.

Currently Available Service Projects

Rehabilitation of the main path to the Nature Center building and adjacent garden areas including lining the edge of the path with a block border.

Construction of a boardwalk/walkway on the Main Trail to alleviate erosion of the path from avoiding muddy areas.

Current Eagle Scout and Gold Award Projects

  • Repairing the Floating Dock on the Yellow Trail
  • Building a new bridge from the Red Trail to the Purple Trail
  • Installing boardwalks on the Allison and Haring Rock Trails

Past Eagle Scout and Gold Award Projects

Kyle Richards of Tenafly Troop #25 replaced a bridge on the Allison and Little Chism Trail. The bridge replacement created a safer way to cross the Green Brook.

Zenos Villando of Emerson Troop #196 constructed an outdoor play area for children on the Yellow Trail. The play area uses natural materials found in the woods to create a different way for children to experience nature.

Aidan Martin of Tenafly Troop #86 designed and constructed new boardwalks for a section of the Bischoff Trail allowing hikers safe walking through the low lying area.

Dong-Kyu Rhee of Cresskill Troop #127 designed and built a series of footboards for the main trail area adjacent to Pfister's Pond. These boards reduce trail widening and allow safe passage through the area during seasonal flooding.

John Mikesh of Tenafly Troop #25 designed and built a storage shelter for firewood, allowing for proper curing of the firewood. The firewood is used for campfire programs for scout, birthday, and family programs.

John Brobson, Jr. of Washington Township Troop #321 designed and constructed a stretch of boardwalk to replace a section damaged during Hurricane Irene. The section maintains the aesthetic of the existing boardwalk, allowing hikers to enjoy a close-up view of life in Pfister's Pond from the White Trail.

Kristian Burke of Hillsdale Troop #109 designed and built custom eight, nature-themed, cement benches for an outdoor classroom space on the Red Trail. The classroom area has been used for schools, camp, and scout programming, facilitating learning opportunities in a natural setting.

Peter Kremidas of Tenafly Troop #25 installed new lighting along our ADA path to the building as well as on our Education Deck. The lights help to create a safer and more pleasant environment for evening programs. The new fixtures operate using LED lights; the seven new fixtures use less energy combined than just one of our old fixtures! 

Will Guo of Tenafly Troop #86 built a new kiosk to highlight upcoming programs and the trail system at TNC. He also helped to improve the Red Trail by installing elevated footbridges in low lying areas, as well as removing poison ivy along the trail. Additionally, he replaced a gate and stabilized the fence of our Backyard Habitat, and stained our Education Deck.

Chris Ho of Westwood Troop #47 replaced posts and sections of our aviary fence, allowing for increased protection of our Education Raptors and salamander breeding habitat.

Dominic Dickson of Oradell Troop #36 created a bird feeding station that is viewable from our ADA path. He also created and installed an interpretive sign to highlight Backyard Birds found at the Tenafly Nature Center.

Zachary Kazarian of Troop #316 of New Milford reconditioned the end of Pfister’s Pond and the area where it flows into the East Brook. This included extensive rock wall building and clearing overgrown vegetation in the pond and stream areas. He also formed a fence to help keep debris in the pond from blocking the drainage into the East Brook. 

Thanks to the efforts of these individuals, our nature center will be a more pleasurable place to visit and to educate the public. If you are interested in helping to fund their efforts in support of the Tenafly Nature Center, you may send a donation. Please mail to: Tenafly Nature Center, 313 Hudson Ave., Tenafly, NJ 07670.  Checks should be made out to the Tenafly Nature Center. Be sure to include "Scout Service" in the memo line of your check. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated.

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